Contact Ksenia directly at or 617.492.7372

Currently Ksenia is providing online guitar lessons via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

Ksenia has been teaching guitar since 1996 to beginner and advanced students. Guitar lessons are tailored to the student’s interests and skill level. Lessons include both individual training and group workshops to develop the student’s ability to play with others and sing while playing.

Emphasis is on playing enjoyable music right away rather than sight reading. Ksenia teaches numerous styles including those of the Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, and Patty Griffin.

Several of Ksenia’s students have gone on to professional music careers, such as Laura Vecchione (now recording her second album), and Abbie Gardner (member of Red Molly). She also teaches celebrity and VIP clients at their home or studio.

Here is a list of some of the workshops Ksenia has run from her own studio over the years: Amy Correia, Lori McKenna, Catie Curtis, Jennifer Kimball, Kevin So, Greg Greenway, Deb Talon, Jess Klein, Felicia Brady, Kelly Riley, Deb Pasternak.

Ksenia teaches from her West Medford music studio and her students come from the greater Boston area.

Open Mic

A fantastic open mic with my students this past weekend, some playing for the very first time in front of an audience.

guitar workshops

As a “perk” to taking guitar lessons  you get a passport to all the guitar gatherings. Boston performers workshops cover such topics as artistry, mic techniques, and songwriting. And you learn how artists play their songs directly from them! These workshops are taught by professionals in the local music community or from performers on tour. […]

Summer Camp

Summer is here and it’s time for Guitar Summer Camps. All of Ksenia’s students are invited to periodic guitar jams where beginners and more advanced students have the opportunity to socialize, play together and perform solo numbers in front of a friendly and supportive crowd. For more information email

“I always called Ksenia my yoda. In just three months I went from not touching a guitar to recording songs, singing and playing, strumming with a pic and fingerpicking. She`s amazing. I was shy, but she never let me give in to the feeling that I wasn`t good enough. Ksenia brought out the guitar player in me through warmth, guidance and plain ol` good teaching skills. Be careful, though, you`ll get hooked on her like you get hooked on a great exercise program, a really great hairstylist or your favorite coffee place.”

Abbie Gardner of Red Molly

“Ksenia Mack combines creativity, compassion, and hilarity in her teaching. It is rare to find someone who has can analyze and effectively break down musical patterns in such an an ingenious way while also nurturing and entertaining. I would not have stepped onto my first open mic stage, or played my first original songs for anyone without Ksenia`s kind and confident encouragement.”

Laura Vecchione

“When I walked into my first lesson with Ksenia, I knew I had made the right choice. I was a self-taught guitarist and had been playing the guitar for about 10 years. Ksenia helped take my rhythm playing and song-writing to the next level. Lessons with her were always pleasant and something I looked forward to. I could never wait to see what she would teach me next. If you`ve been playing the guitar for a while or are a complete beginner, Ksenia can definitely help you become a better player.”

—Lauren Bateman

“Ksenia is the best guitar teacher in the boston vicinity. Whether you are just a beginner or advanced and performing – there is always a check sheet waiting for you to finish. (Plus lessons come with laughs, coffee, and sometimes even cookies!) Ksenia helped me learn essential covers to entertain for campfires, house gigs, and bars alike. I recommend a ten pack!”

Sierra West